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#14: Entrepreneurial Finance 101 {Everything I Wish I Learned In Math Class}

May 22, 2023 Adam Schneider Episode 14
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#14: Entrepreneurial Finance 101 {Everything I Wish I Learned In Math Class}
Show Notes

In this video, Adam shares his insights on entrepreneurial finance. He begins by highlighting the differences in the taxation system for employees and entrepreneurs. Drawing from his own experience, he explains how understanding the taxation system can help entrepreneurs manage their finances better. 

Adam then moves on to share the financial system he has built for himself, and how he uses it to keep track of his finances. He goes into detail about the system, providing practical tips and examples. Additionally, he offers to give away the system for free to his audience if the video receives 100 likes. 

In the final part of the video, Adam speaks about the importance of mindset when it comes to generating resources. He emphasizes that a person's view on money can significantly impact the amount of resources they can generate. He encourages his audience to adopt a growth mindset when it comes to finances, and shares his own strategies for changing one's mindset. 

Overall, this video provides valuable insights and practical tips for entrepreneurs looking to improve their financial management and mindset. 

00:40 - Introduction 

01:46 - Setting The Stage 

5:39 - How Entrepreneurial Finances Work 

15:23 - Tactical Day-to-Day | Finances System 

28:25 - Relationship with Money & Resources 

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