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#15: Empowering Women to be Healthy, Fit & Confident with Chelsea Linge

May 25, 2023 Adam Schneider Episode 15
Voice & Impact
#15: Empowering Women to be Healthy, Fit & Confident with Chelsea Linge
Show Notes

Welcome to Voice & Impact, where we dive into inspiring conversations with influential guests who are making a real difference in the world as entrepreneurs. In this episode, host Adam joins forces with Chelsea Linge, an empowering Health & Wellness coach who is on a mission to help women unleash their inner strength through holistic fitness, nourishing nutrition, and transformative mindset coaching.

This episode is packed with insightful moments that will resonate with your entrepreneurial spirit. From discussing the dynamics of building a business team to exploring the transformative power of the Law of Attraction, Adam and Chelsea leave no stone unturned.

Discover the importance of conquering your inner battles and embracing self-kindness as a catalyst for personal growth. Gain valuable insights on navigating the seasons of feeling good and bad about yourself, and learn how to embrace emotions without resistance, leading to true liberation.

As an entrepreneur, you'll gain wisdom on the profound impact of inner work on your entrepreneurial journey. Uncover Chelsea's current pain points and her exciting plans for the next chapter of her business, providing you with relatable experiences and inspiration.

And don't miss Chelsea & Adam’s final words of wisdom for those who are ready to embark on a transformational journey of their own! 🚀

00:15 - Intro

01:50 - Business teams

4:40 - Difference between client relationship and friendship

08:46 - The Law of Attraction

10:04 - Navigating inner battles

13:51 - Being nice to yourself

18:04 - Negatives thoughts are not inherently our own

21:01 - Cultivating patience

24:09 - The evolution of Voice & Impact

29:24 - Seasons of feeling good & bad about yourself

37:01 - Resisting emotions causes suffering

38:34 - Inner work influences entrepreneurship

43:49 - Influencing is guiding people towards themselves

45:44 - Chelsea's current pain points as an entrepreneur

47:30 - Chelsea's next pivot in business

53:10 - Final words of encouragement

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