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#12: From Bankrupt to Bills Paid {An Entreprenuer Story}

March 23, 2023 Adam Schneider Episode 12
Voice & Impact
#12: From Bankrupt to Bills Paid {An Entreprenuer Story}
Show Notes

In this inspiring and informative video, Adam shares his personal journey of bankruptcy and how he was able to bounce back from it as an entrepreneur. He talks about the challenges he faced during this difficult time and the practical steps he took to turn his life around. Whether you're struggling with debt, want to learn more about how to manage your finances effectively, or wanting to create results as an entrepreneur this video is a must-watch. Adam's advice is grounded in real-world experience and offers a refreshing perspective on how to navigate financial challenges. 

2:33 - Acceptance & Mindset 
 15:36 - Lowest Hanging Fruit - Generate Immediate Results 
 18:40 - See the Bigger Picture 
 20:26 - Financial Awareness & Business Model 
 27:26 - Building Real Relationships 
 31:31 - Sales 
 34:00 - Operations 
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 So if you're ready to take control of your finances and start building a brighter future, be sure to watch this video and learn from Adam's inspiring story of perseverance and success. 
 Thanks for your attention!